The Association of Asian Studies in Africa (A-ASIA) was founded at the 2012 roundtable, “Asian Studies in Africa,” held in Chisamba, Zambia. The A-ASIA is dedicated to the capacity enhancement of institutions, programmes, and scholars. Proposed initiatives include scholarly exchanges, new programmes and institutions, support for existing capacities, conferences, workshops, graduate student support, and curriculum development, among others.

As the first association of its kind within Africa, the A-ASIA represents an important step forward for the study of Asia within Africa, as well as the creation of linkages between scholarship and scholars on both continents. Members of the Association, represent a wide range of geographies and disciplines, pointing towards promising future interactions. A-ASIA in collaboration with the International Institute for Asian Studies(IIAS) and the International Convention for Asian Scholars(ICAS) and with the support of several other institutions across the world held its first and highly successful conference in September, 2015 at the University of Ghana, Legon.